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What others are saying about Ralphie's Room Service...

Danielle B.  (New York)  I was really impressed with the customer service provided by Ralphie's Room Service. They made a 21st birthday delivery really special for our son away at school and we were thrilled to receive photos of the delivery too. I highly recommend this service.
Jill J. (Maryland) We absolutely LOVE Ralphie's Room Service! It was the first time we weren't with our son on his birthday, so having someone hand deliver cupcakes and balloons was awesome!! And rumor has it, they even do care packages if your child is sick and you're too far away to take care of them. We'll definitely be calling Ralphie's Room Service again
Mike P (Houston) Ralphie's delivers the best care packages to CU with an unlimited assortment of goodies, and the service is exceptional. If you can't be there in person, call Ralphie's. My kiddo loved the flowers, cupcakes, balloons and bag of treats for her birthday. I wish someone would send me a Ralphie's basket. Five stars.
Connie T (PA)  I have used Ralphie's since my daughter was a freshman..They always go above and beyond with her Birthday, Valentine, Holiday baskets...She is always so excited to receive a special treat! They are awesome!!!
Amy (Boca Raton)  Awesome!!!  I recently placed an order for a student for his birthday. They were so great to work with; I even had a special request for an item that wasn't listed to be included in my order! They went out of their way and found it at the campus bookstore! They deliver right outside the dorms and it's such a convenient service to send gifts for all occasions for CU Boulder students! I will definitely be using them again and highly recommend this business! They were nice and dependable!



Priscilla (Colorado Springs) Such an awesome service!  Our Niece was so surprised and from the looks of the photo that Ralphie's service took...she was beaming. Thank you Ralphie's for personally delivering this care pkg to our Niece. We will definitely use you in future care pkg orders.


 Tammy (Tuscon) What amazing service! Thank you so much for taking this all the way out there, you helped us be a part of his special day even though we are so far away! The level of customer service that you and your company provide is amazing, especially considering the national disaster that you and the entire Boulder community are currently facing. We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers! Thank you again for everything! 


When our son was a freshman at CU, we never had to worry about sending him a care package or what should be done if he broke a tooth.  Any time he needed something, he just came home. 

Then our daughter went to school OUT OF STATE!  Unbelievable.  Soon, she needed some stuff.  She got sick.  She missed us (well, missed Boulder anyway.....), so we started sending her care packages to her college. 

One thing led to another, and Ralphie's was created.  We assembled a focus group of moms (and a few dads) to come up with the initial packages, and they will continue to help create new ones.   

Most moms did not like the idea of the Snack Attack care package; but when we shipped several trial packages out to students, the response was very positive.  Hence, this package became part of the initial launch. 

Ralphie's is a new adventure, and we know a few glitches are inevitable.  Rest assured however, your needs will be met!  

-Chris and Melissa Johnson

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